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HOW IT BEGAN… a journey to accessible mental health therapy

The Coddiewomple Company was founded on the idea that mental health therapy should be accessible to all, and simply put, is a basic human right. Even with health insurance, there are still gaps or limits in coverage resulting in extraordinary costs for critical therapies. We recognize that the cost of mental health care comes at a great cost to both a person’s finances and personal life, and we hope, through Coddiewomple Co., to lighten that burden for many.

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Our Mission

The Coddiewomple Company is an apparel and lifestyle brand that strives to make sure quality mental health care does not come at the cost of other basic needs. Our product revenue goes directly to the support of the Coddiewomple Fund. Our apparel and lifestyle brand is a mental health apparel company that helps people overcome their struggles with mental illness by simply paying it forward. The goal is to make sure its customers feel comfortable seeking help for themselves or their loved ones and buy something truly meaningful for themselves or a gift for another person in need.



“The idea of The Coddiewomple Company was one I have had for years but officially came to fruition in January 2022. The idea came from my own experience as a struggling college student, and even in my career (with insurance), I found myself struggling to pay for mental health therapy. It seemed that no matter the circumstance, the cost per week to pay in full, or having to meet a large family deductible/ out-of-pocket maximum, was something I constantly had to wrestle with. The question I asked myself constantly was do I really need that next session should we use that money on “more important” things for the kids, fix the house or car, etc.
The reality is, those are questions that too many of us have had to ask ourselves. Coverage is not made the same for mental health care, and quite frankly should be more to help those who are in need. I knew I wanted things to change, and I knew I wanted to help, but how?
I paired this ‘unattainable, crazy’ dream I had of helping people just like me, with my formal education in business to develop The Coddiewomple Company. The idea itself was simple; create a tangible solution for those who need financial assistance for mental health therapy.”  -Jacki, Owner and Founder

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