Fifty percent (50%) of the net profits from the sales of all ‘The Coddiewomple Company’ products is given to ‘The Coddiewomple Fund,’ a 501(c)(3) organization solely dedicated to providing financial assistance to those seeking mental health therapy. As a community, we fund charitable assistance for those who are struggling to afford life changing therapies I because we believe in the pursuit of wellness, happiness, & peace should be accessible to everyone.

At year end, The Coddiewomple Company will donate to ‘The Coddiewomple Fund’ non-profit organization, to aid in the pursuit of bridging the financial gap for those seeking mental health therapies, creating therapeutic experiences, as well as providing funds to further program in initiatives that assist those battling mental illness and/or struggles. These monetary gifts will be announced throughout Q2 2023 via our social media channels, with individuals who are selected remain anonymous unless authorization has been obtained. 

We calculate our 50% net profit after taxes. The amount of money given too the non-profit we support is equal or more than the amount of money retained to the company. 

The non-profit gift applications will open 2023.

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